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Nexus Travels & Tours is always primed to arrange flight tickets to your destinations all over the Nepal and International destinations contentedly. We have a long thriving relationship with major international airlines flying in and out of Nepal, including Nepal Airlines Corporation, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, Air China, China Southern Airlines, Druk Air, Dragon Air, Gulf Air, Malaysian Airlines, Turkey Airlines, Emirates, Fly Dubai, Silk Air among others.


Flying in Nepal is exhilarating for the pilots are well trained at landing in remote landing field and fly in seemingly impossible monsoon weather devoid of benefit of Instrument Flight Rules IFR beacons. The old adage that they don’t fly when there are clouds because “the clouds have rocks in them” doesn’t seem to embrace any meaning these days, especially where the route is practical. Their safety record is enviable small STOL (Short-Take-Off-and-Landing) aircraft offer services to small airstrips in many parts of Nepal. Helicopters can also endow with service to trekking sites. There is increasing helicopter access to other spaces in the hills, not just airstrips but even the district centers. Many of these sites are not popular with trekkers but can be useful for skip off.


On the domestic ventral we have a good operative relationship with Yeti Air, Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines Corporation, Sita Air, Guna Airlines, Simrik Air and Air Dynasty. Apart from regular commercial airlines we also arrange chartered flight, helicopter tours, Vehicle rental services wherein we have large to choose from specifically Buses, Vans, 4WD Jeeps, Sedans, SUVs. If you are seeking long distance tours we also tender the services of tourist buses, train tickets. Besides schedule flights, we can make arrangements and corroborate mountain flights, charter flights either fixed wing or helicopter for sightseeing and transportations as per your requirements. Our uninterrupted business with all the airlines of Nepal has presented us an entrenched position on ticket booking in Nepal.


We assure you that you will get your tickets at an unbeatable price from us as our sales volume is very large. Employees from major airlines in Nepal concede the tickets issued by us and we welcome their hard work to provide you with a service par excellence. We are equipped with latest technology for finding you the best priced option and rapidly, we use Galileo and Amadeus ticketing reservation systems. We embrace stock tickets of various national and international airlines and provide instant and reliable ticketing services.