Traditional Wedding

Traditional Wedding

A wedding is the ritual in which two individuals are united into a conjugal life of marriage. Wedding traditions and customs are at variance significantly between ethnicity, cultures groups, religions, countries, and societal classes. Most wedding ceremonies rivets an exchange of wedding vows by the couple, benevolence of a gift, and a public declaration of marriage by an authority figure or leader. Special wedding outfits are often worn, and the ceremony is sometimes pursued by a wedding reception. Songs, Music, rhymes, poems prayers or readings from religious texts or literature are also commonly integrated into the ceremony.


Hindu Traditional Wedding and Buddhist Traditional Wedding are amongst the popular marriage practiced In Nepal. Nexus Travels & Tours bestows you a splendid opportunity to have your wedding arranged in Hindu/Buddhist Traditional approach. The wedding traditions of Hindu and Buddhist are most trendy among marriage traditions and ceremonial of various ethnic groups and backgrounds of Nepal. The preponderance of the population in Nepal is Hindu and Buddhist. Both of them intensely believe in traditional marriages as it is imaginary to last a life time. It is an unwavering and traditional assurance that such marriages lead to a great deal of conjugal happiness and accomplishment. It accentuates on mutual respect and discourages the practice of divorce. 


Wedding rituals in Nepal has been attracting many visitors. Some of the happy couple even wishes to renew their matrimony vows by remarrying in the Nepali tradition. We at Nexus Travels & Tours are equipped to arrange such traditional marriage ceremonies following the rituals of Hindu and Buddhist religious conviction as per the interest of the couple. 


Traditional Hindu Wedding ceremonies is a major celebration which is practiced solitarily in certain months of the year which comprises from mid January to mid-March, mid-April to mid-June and mid-November to mid-December. Highly observed as a atonement, Hindu marriages are sanctified in accordance with the VEDAS, the holy scriptures of the Hindu religion that date back several thousand years. One of the prominent features of these weddings is that the ritual is held in the open, under a awning known as a ‘Mandap’ with a sacrosanct fire in the center and the bride and bridegroom revolving it seven times. The ritual is carried out by the priest. The groom's party is hypothetical to arrive at the wedding venue in a convoy, so it's good to have a expedient assembly location nearby. 


Astrologers make a decision on favorable dates of the marriage on the base of the position of the stars. The wedding ceremony is impressive affair where the bride and bridegroom execute the Puja (Offering) and take best wishes and blessings from friends, relatives and family members. The marriage venue is ornamented by colorful papers, flowers and dazzling lights. A Nepalese bride dresses in the bridal shades of red and is bejeweled with gold and expensive gems. Traditionally, the bride and groom are accompanied to the marriage venue. In the villages, the couple generally reaches the wedding venue riding a horses or in a baskets, while in a city marriage the couple arrives at the venue in a ornamented car. Music is an essential part of marriages, the traditional music, Pachaye Baja and other general folk songs are played as the Nepali people believe that playing traditional music toughens the nuptial knot and pleases God. 


The preeminent venues where we arrange traditional Hindu marriage ceremonies in Kathmandu are: 


  1. Pashupatinath Temple

  2. Balaju Water Garden

  3. Gujeshwari Temples

  4. Budhanilkantha (Narayanthan)

  5. Dakshinkali Temple




Traditional Buddhist Wedding also has very distinctive features. Buddhist weddings in Nepal are moderate affairs, with spotlight on accurate marriage rituals. The weddings are typically a big affair, sometimes whole villages are induced along with abundant extended families .


Buddhist marriages are accomplished at monastery. Traditional dress is worn by both bride and groom, and Lama (Monk) who executes the conventional Puja (offering) to sanctify the wedding. The butter lamps are lit at the monastery during wedding day which affords a magical converge to the ceremony. Traditional music infuses a comforting and supernatural ambience to the ceremony. 


The best venues where Nexus Travels & Tours’ arranges traditional Buddhist marriage ceremonies in Kathmandu are:


  1. Kopan Monastery

  2. Monastery at Swoyambhunath

  3. Monastery at Boudhanath