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Mt. Kailash-Manasarovar Tour

Mt. Kailash Mansarovar Tour is perhaps one of the best trips ever to Tibet- the roof of the world. The major highlights of the tour includes three days of Kora around Mt. Kailash, exploration of Lake Manasarovar and adventurous crossing of the two highest passes in the world- Drolma La  and Kongtang Lhamo pass(5236m). These two passes offer magnificent panorama of Mt. Shishapangma(5620m), the 14th highest mountain in the world, as well as Mt. Gurla Mandhata (7694m). Much of the journey takes place through dreamlike and exotic Tibetan landscape that is dotted with lakes, waterfalls, monasteries and verdant wildlife. Among other attractions of this tour is visit to Yarlung Tsangpo River, Peaku Tso Lake and Chiu Monastery. The trek begins and ends in Rasuwagadhi in Rasuwa district, just 100km north of Kathmandu, along the Nepal-Tibet border point. 



Worshipped by Buddhist and Hindus as the precise “Midpoint of Universe” Mount Kailash is the most holy Mountain of Asia. This mountain is believed to be the elite habitat of Hindu God Shiva and Goddess Parvati by most of the Hindu people. There is a strong belief that accomplishing the strenuous journey to Mount Kailash and nearby Manasarovar Lake one can attain the ultimate salvation from all the known and unknown sins ever committed in life. This divine tour commonly named Kailash Darshan is practiced to get cleansed from the clutches of ignorance and delusion of life.



Tibet offers exciting trail, fabulous monasteries, exotic view of world’s tallest peaks, and natural panorama with the spiritual atmosphere which demands every human being to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. The Kailash range is also alleged to be the dwelling of the originator of different religion. Manasarovar Lake which is situated nearby Mountain Kailash, you can witness the massive number of high Tibetan priests and devotees chanting and praying at the shore of Manasarovar. Combination of two Sanskrit words “Manas” meaning mind and “Sarovar” meaning lake, this Manasarovar (4580m) was created to show the supremacy of Brahma’s( the God of creator) mind as per Hindu Scriptures. Whereas According to Buddhist legends, Lord Buddha meditated nearby the lake for long time to get the knowledge to the fullest. Hence People believe in purifying their soul and physical body by drinking its holy water and revolving the lake around its peripheries. Moreover, primordial legend exclaims that dipping into its cold water awards us to enter the heaven after death. 



Day 1

Arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.

Arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. Meet our airport representative and transport to hotel.


Stay overnight at hotel.

Day 2

Early morning breakfast followed by a full day sightseeing in Kathmandu, visiting Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath and Swoyambhunath temple.

Early morning breakfast followed by a full day sightseeing in Kathmandu, visiting Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath and Swoyambhunath temple.


Stay overnight at hotel.

Day 3

Drive from Kathmandu to Kyirung Thil(2900m) takes about 5 hrs.

Once you reach Rasuwagadhi along Nepal / Tibet border, you will meet your Tibetan guide and driver. After completing immigration and custom formalities on both side, continue driving further to Kyirung thil which takes about 2 hrs.


Stay overnight in hotel. 

Day 4

Drive from Kyirung Thil to Kyrung county (4150m) takes about 2 hrs.

After breakfast, you will make the PSP permit and then drive towards Kyrung country. On the way is beautiful waterfall and Milarepa Enlightenment Cave.


Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 5

Drive from Kyirung County to Zhongba via Kongtang Lhamo pass (5236m) which takes about 7 hrs.

Morning drive to Kongtang Lhamo pass at 5236 meter altitude offers magnificent views of Mt. Shishapangma and Peaku Tso lake. Further ahead is an isolated town of Saga before heading to Zhongba.


Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 6

Drive from Zhongba to Lake Manasarovar(4560m) takes about 6 hrs.

Enjoy enchanting panoramic views of Paryang and Manasarovar. As you near this breathtaking sacred lake, historic Chiu Monastery becomes visible on the North West shore of the lake.


Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 7

Drive from Lake Manasarovar to Darchen(4600m) takes about 1 hr.

After taking in the morning beauty of Lake Manasarovar with backdrop of snowy massif of Mt. Gurla Mandata (7694m), take an afternoon drive to Darchen.


Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 8

Drive from Darchen to Tarpoche takes about 45 minues and then trek to Diraphuk (4900m) for 5hr.

Today, after you drive to Tarpoche, you start your Kora around Mt. Kailash. You have to trek past verdant meadows and picturesque streams to Lha Chu Valley. The trail overlooks Turquoise River cascading over a narrow canyon with high steep cliffs. En route, north face of Kailash comes into vision. The trail will end at monastery of Diraphuk.


Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 9

Trek from Diraphuk to Zutulphuk (4750m) takes about 8hrs.

Firstly you will ascend to Drolma La (5620m), the highest point the entire trip, which affords breathtaking views Lake of Compassion. Further on, the trail descends to the flat fields of Zutul-Puk which houses a monastery and several fascinating Milarepa’s cave.


Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 10

Trek from Zutulphuk to Darchen (4600m) takes about 4hrs. Away from Zutul-Puk, you follow the trail through Bharkha plain leading to Darchen.

It is an easy walk along some impressive gorges and around many mani stones and mani walls back to the Bharka Plains and Darchen. By the end of the day you will have complete the kora and thereby erased your sins, endured cold nights and mornings, crossed one of the highest passes in the world, met countless fellow pilgrims, sent prayers of peace out to the world.


Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 11

Drive from Darchen to Saga (4500m) takes about 8hours crossing Mayum-la and several rivers.

The scenery along this section is some of the most beautiful of the entire journey, and a distant storm drifting in back of Tibetans, horses & sheep is a surreal sight.


Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 12

Drive from Saga via Kongtang Lhamo pass (5236m)toKyirung thil (2900m) takes about 8hours.

Heading away from saga, the trail follows a route that brushes past Brahmaputra River. Further ahead, a river valley sprawls over and then traditional picturesque villages come into picture. This scenically rewarding drive provides plenty of opportunities for photography.


Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 13

Kyirung thil—Rasuwa border (1800m) 1 hour drive after Breakfast ,You will drive to Rasuwa border and cross border.

Kyirung thil—Rasuwa border (1800m) 1 hour drive after Breakfast ,You will drive to Rasuwa border and cross border.


Stay overnight at hotel.

Day 14


As per your flight schedule, our airport representative will transfer from your hotel to the airport for your final departure.