White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Nepal is world famous for its whitewater activities that include Kayaking and Rafting..Altogether 15 rivers have been opened for rafting in Nepal that range form technically challenging to big volume waters. It is often believed that the perfect combination of mountain scenery, unique culture and gorging rivers makes Nepal a hotspot for rafting and kayaking. Nepal is a river runner’s paradise – no other country has such a choice if multi-day trip, away from road, in such magnificent surroundings with warm river, a semi tropical climate, impressive geography, exotic culture, wildlife and friendly welcoming people!

River are graded on a scale of one to six, with one being a swimming pool and six a one–way ticket to your maker. Four is considered to be quite challenging with out being exceedingly dangerous to the novice rafter. Five requires some previous river experience.

There have been 15 rivers opened in Nepal for rafting trips that range from one day trip to 13 day trips depending upon the requirements and rivers. Nepal is famous for soft sandy beaches, temperate water and unparalleled scenery and views. Tirshuli, Bhotekoshi, Kali Gandaki, Sun Koshi, Arun, Tamor are some of the world renowned rivers of Nepal


Rafting in Nepal is best during Spring (March-May) and Autumn (Sep-Nov) season but is feasible even in winter season. Rafting in Nepalese rivers is considered to be the best for three reasons: soft sandy beaches, warm water temperature and natural and cultural settings.