Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Nepal is a rich repository of wildlife and natural biodiversity. In fact it is one of the global ecological hotspots recognized by UNESCO. There are over 20 protected areas in Nepal which covers an equivalent of 20% of the land of the country. All these protected areas are opened for eco tourism.


Wildlife safari is a famous activity in several national parks in Nepal. Chitwan National Park is perhaps the most popular national park in Nepal for wildlife safari. The park is home to such rare and endangered species as one horned rhinos, Royal Bengal Tigers and Asiatic Elephants. The park has recorded over 400 species of flowering plants and 500 bird species. Similarly Bardiya National Park, Koshi Tappu National Park and Suklaphanta Widlife Reserve also host a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, birds and flowers.


Jeep safari opportunities are available in the park round the year. Or you can also go for a jungle walk or bird watching with our naturalists. Other attractions include visits to Elephant breeding center, crocodile sanctuary and the unique culture of the indigenous Tharu and Majhi communities.


The parks are easily accessible by both air and land route from Kathmandu. We provide you bespoke tour packages to suit your timeframe, interests and budget.